Update payment acceptance methods to meet rapidly changing market demands. We have much more to offer on Credit Card Terminals. Choose from our list.

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Virtual Terminal


Our virtual terminal enables you to perform credit/debit card transactions and all payment operations with ease without the need for a traditional POS terminal.

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PCI-DSS Compliance

RTN Payment Gateway is a PCI-compliant payment solution that securely processes, transmits & stores card data for payments. We offer unparalleled security measures because we take data security very seriously and understand that the key to retaining customers is gaining their trust.

Fraud Protection

When running an online business, it is critical that the payment gateway for your website protects you from any and all types of data breaches. RTN Pay offers a free comprehensive fraud control module to help you outsmart fraudsters and keep your transactions safe while you grow your business.


Easy Integration

We have an online application that is easy and straightforward, eases transaction reconciliation with centralized reporting. This also ensures maximum accuracy and productivity. We provide the APIs and plugins you require for seamless integration for cost-effective, efficient solutions to optimize business

Reconciling and Reporting

Our reporting platform can be customized to divisional reporting and data filters. Whether you need to track payments for one divisions or ten, You will have access to everything you need. Download the only information you require at the moment. It eliminates pages of excessive data and saves valuable time.


Your Benefits

Our gateway combines everything you need into one nice package, all tailored to suit your business model.

RTN PAY Mobile App

RTN PAY Mobile App

RTN Pay's mobile app allows you to manage payments in real time, on the go. The app is for both iPhone and Android devices. You can use it to access transaction reports, issue refunds or chargebacks. Reporting is easier with the mobile app so you stay updated on business trends even when you're not at your desk. There is no registration process, this app is available for existing users of RTN Pay. You can view transactions live on the app. It is possible to view entire data history and track all sales orders, refunds, chargebacks and manage subscriptions. You can monitor sales trends and payment conversions easily. To register, please visit

RTN Gateway RTN Gateway
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Simple and Affordable Pricing

Clear and transparent, flat-rate pricing structure.

Flat Rate 1.9%

  • What We Offer:

    • Rates as low as 1.9 percent
    • No setup or monthly fees
    • No cancellation fees or hidden charges
    • Free PAX device program
    • Free virtual terminal
    • 100% PCI-compliant





Join our platform and save thousands of dollars with us!

Eliminating third-party dependency through direct integrations with the card network, we offer our customers the lowest debit and credit card processing rates in the industry.